Laraci 30 Day Ring Resizing Policy

Within 30 days of shipment to our US and Canadian customers (with the exception of tension rings, eternity bands, custom rings, and engraved rings), we offer one complimentary resizing with free shipping for size adjustments up to 1 finger size. Larger adjustments may require a resize fee. Custom or engraved rings can also be subject to service fees. For orders shipped outside the US and Canada we do not provide free ring resizing due to potential taxes being levied. For more information, please don't hesitate to call to call us at 1 (844) 452-7224.

Tension Ring and Eternity Band Resizing

Due to the physical nature of a tension ring, tension rings can almost never be size adjusted. In rare situations we can go up maybe a 1/2 size, but in most instances the ring will need to be melted down and remade. Similarly, eternity bands are difficult to resize. They are designed from scratch for a certain finger size which determines the spacing between the gems all around the circumference of the ring. As with tension rings, in many instances an eternity band will need to be melted down and remade. Remaking the ring is not the same price as the original purchase since we are re-using your metal and gems. There will be some metal loss however, and casting, setting, and polishing fees. Tension rings are especially time consuming: the mixing of metal alloys, heating/cooling treatments required, as well as matching up perfectly with tension ring set points with the center gem's girdle faceting all takes time. Call us before sending your tension ring or eternity ring back for a size adjustment, and we will let you know what costs may be involved.

International Resizing

Due to international cross-border duty fees, international taxes, etc, Laraci does not provide free international ring resizing.

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