Alternative Engagement Rings

Alternative engagement rings have become an increasingly popular option for couples these days. The majority of these couples are looking for a Gem that resembles a diamond and this is where moissanite steps in. Moissanite has the wow factor of a diamond and then some with 10% more fire and brilliance than a diamond - meaning it has more sparkle and what girl doesn't want more sparkle?!! The moissanite also checks in at a 9.75 on the mors toughness scale compared to a diamond with a mors rating of 9.5 and the hardness of a moissanite is just slightly behind a diamond with a 9.5 compared to a 10. All of these properties mean that moissanite will withstand scratching & chipping better than a diamond while the diamond is more) resistant to crushing...and who's going to crush their diamond anyway? Chipping and scratching your engagement ring are for more likely than crushing making moissanite the top choice in our opinion. These qualities also make the moissanite a forever gem, so you can be confident knowing that when you give or receive a moissanite engagement ring it will truly stand the test of time and it's beauty will last a lifetime.

Perhaps an even more beautiful property/quality of moissanite is it is completely cruelty free, conflict free, ecologically and environmentally friendly and made right in the great US of A! Moissanite is a lab created gem that over the past 2o yrs since its inception has perfected its color and clarity to rival that of the highest priced diamonds but at a 10th of the cost to the consumer.

The reasons for purchasing alternative engagement rings are as varied as the couples themselves. For many, it is principle of not caving to the old tradition of spending 2 months salary on an engagement ring to prove to your intended you love them (this was a marketing scheme by DeBeers to sell diamonds if you can believe it. Read more about that here) For many the economy is tough and a moissanite engagement ring allows them to buy a beautiful engagement ring while staying on budget without looking like they scrimped and let's face it, a lot of us gals want a big rock! A large diamond with the cut and clarity of a moissanite would be beyond most people's budget but a 1, 2 or 3 carat or larger moissanite is very reasonable respectively, at a fraction of the cost. The cut, clarity and color of moissanite make it virtually undetectable to most people (most well trained jewellers as well) making it a terrific choice. This is also another reason that many brides prefer a moissanite. Moissanite has a double refraction that really brings out the sparkle so you get that jewellery store light sparkle in the natural light, making your moissanite look dazzling. Perhaps the most popular and our favourite reason for purchasing moissanite is it is completely 100% free of any conflict. Mined diamonds of any sort can't lay claim to this, they all have some degree of conflict, whether they be human atrocities or environmental, no diamond is completely without shame of some sort - even Canadian diamonds ( read more here). So whatever your reason for purchasing an alternative engagement ring, they are all good ones and a choice you won't regret.

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