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FINE MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RINGS Laraci Ethical Fine Jewelers believes passionately that beyond design and quality, to embody the love and caring that an engagement ring symbolizes, each piece must also be ethically made. This means the gems and metals used in the production of such an important symbol must follow the same rules of caring, commitment, and responsibility that we place upon our own relationships. For this reason Laraci focuses on moissanite engagement rings made of recycled fine metals. SHOP RINGS > Moissanite Engagement Rings
Charles and Colvard Moissanite Video Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite All of our engagement rings are set with the best Forever One and Forever Brilliant Charles and Colvard created moissanite. We have chosen Charles and Colvard for their superior cut, quality, and brilliance. Read our Moissanite Education to learn more about moissanite's excellence or click here to read about humanitarian and ecological reasons to choose moissanite. < SHOP MOISSANITE
I will cherish it forever and I am extremely happy... Amanda & JamesOdessa, TX
Custom Moissanite Rings to YOUR Design CUSTOM DESIGNED RINGS Can't find the moissanite engagement ring of your dreams on our site? No problem! We can work with you to create exactly what you are envisioning.
Call 1(844)LARACI (452-7224) to speak with a Laraci jewelry designer.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE Why choose moissanite over a diamond? Most are unaware of the horrifying conditions poverty stricken miners are placed under or the thousands of children set to work to find the precious materials needed to make our computers, cell phones, and of course the symbols of our love: wedding and engagement rings. Please choose to not support this ecosystem of human exploitation. Using recycled/reclaimed metals, Laraci moissanite engagement rings in no way supports mining of any kind. LEARN MORE > Exploited Workers
ECOLOGICAL ATROCITIES Even in first world countries the immense ecological damage caused by mining gems or precious metals is unmistakable. This diamond mine pictured in Canada's Northwest Territories covers eight square miles and operates in one of the world's most ecologically sensitive environments. Vast tundra surrounds the mine that typically is home to bears, wolverine, and migrating caribou. Are the diamonds mined justification of the ecological cost? LEARN MORE >
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